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Welcome to Simply Mindfulness

Mindfulness is training your mind to pay attention to things as they are without judgement.   Regular mindfulness practice changes how your brain functions, strengthens your mental health and helps you to feel healthier, happier and calmer.

What people say

Some prefer to keep their comments private but many give permission to share their comments anonymously to help others understand mindfulness.

Latest Blog Updates...

FREE Online Mindfulness for Teens Introduction

Our Mindfulness in Schools Secondary School Trainer is holding our first FREE Online Mindfulness for Teens Introduction on Thursday 21st January from 5:00-5:45pm.  This session will introduce mindfulness as a strategy to help  cope with the disruptions, uncertainty and isolation…

We’re Back Online for January/February 2021

Happy New Year from our Simply Mindfulness family to yours.  And for the New Year, we are back online.  Frankly, we're getting quite good at this now.  All of our instructors have systems in place to continue to support their…

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