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Mindful Children & Families

Helping children and families to be mindful together.

Online Mindfulness for Teens (11-19 years old)

The last 10 months have been an emotionally challenging time for us all.  This course teaches young people strategies to calm the anxious mind and lift the mood to help them live full and confident lives.  Learning to place attention on what is settling and healthy helps us break free from the unhelpful overthinking that has such a detrimental effect on mental wellbeing.  This course gives young people aged 11-19 the skills to deal with life’s ups and downs and find a steadier way of being.  Invest time in learning skills to help you feel better today. 

FREE Mindfulness for Teens Online Introduction
Date:  Thursday 21st January
Time:  5-5:45pm
Booking:  e-mail to book a place

Mindfulness for Teens Online Course (8 sessions)
session 1:  Monday 25th January
session 2:  Thursday 28th January
session 3:  Monday 1st February
session 4:  Thursday 4th February
session 5:  Monday 7th February
session 6:  Thursday 10th February
session 7:  Monday 14th February
session 8:  Thursday 17th February
Time:  5:00-5:45pm
Cost:  £99
Instructor: Laura, Psychology and Biology Bsc, PGCE and 15 years secondary teaching experience. Fully qualified Mindfuness in schools practitioner.
Booking:  e-mail to book a place
The taster session is not a prerequisite but an opportunity to learn more about mindfulness.

Children & Families

Mindful Children and Families

While it’s nice to believe that childhood is a happy and carefree time, all children and teenagers experience difficulties and the strong emotions that accompany them.  It’s a normal part of growing up.  Helping children learn to accept and manage these difficulties will support the development of their mental wellbeing as they progress into adulthood.

All children and teenagers need to learn skills to manage their mental wellbeing. As teachers, we frequently come across young people who struggle.  It might be friendship or exam pressures, or larger issues such as a bereavement or family breakdown.  Without the skills to cope with these challenges, children and teens can become overwhelmed.

Mindfulness is proven to help children and teenagers navigate these difficult experiences.  By becoming aware of their emotions, thoughts and body sensations and developing strategies to accept and manage them more effectively, they become more skilled at interacting with the world around them.  Mindfulness teaches them to identify and approach challenges with strategies, such as breathing techniques, to give them the space to respond more skilfully.  This leads to a better understanding of themselves and to feel more settled and confident in coping with life’s inevitable ups and downs.  It becomes a skill for life.

Simply Mindfulness can teach mindfulness courses to children and teens one to one, in small groups or as a private family course.

Mindfulness Courses for Children, Young People and Families

Private one to one, group or family mindfulness course with a weekly 1 hr session

7-11 year olds, £360 (inclusive price for a 6 week course for up to 4 people)

12-18 year olds, £540 (inclusive price for a 9 week course for up to 4 people)

Our teachers are primary and secondary school teachers with over 15 years of experience.  Please contact us or e-mail for more information.

What families say:

“The best thing about learning mindfulness was learning how to understand my mind and overcome worries I may have.” (age 13)

“Mindfulness helps my concentration and was fun and interesting.” (age 11)

“I was unsure about this when mum first mentioned it to me.  But I have found that I have improved massively since I first started.  For a person who gets stressed and anxious easily, which leads me to go down the Exhaustion Funnel, I can now see a way out.  This has been so useful, especially for later life.  Thank you.” (age 16)

“As a family we have learnt how we each function and why we feel things and respond the way we do.  This has helped us all understand and support each other.  It has given me confidence in supporting my children with the daily stresses and strains and in helping and nurturing their resilience.The complex content was delivered in such a clear and concise way in which we could all benefit.  Thank you, the benefits will continue for a long time to come for us all.” (parent)

“It has helped me cope with life with teenagers.  It has helped my family to have conversations with some terminology. We have all taken different things away, but all benefitted.  If has given the flesh behind the app and as a consequence I am much more likely to continue with it and return to it.”   (parent)

“It was a brilliant course, my boys absolutely loved it and can’t wait to tell all their school friends and teachers about it. They have learnt some amazing tools and I have no doubt we will do other courses with you in the future. Thank you for teaching us to be mindful and have so much fun at the same time.”   (parent)

Mindfulness in Schools

The Mindfulness in Schools Programme (MiSP) was started by two school teachers and mindfulness practitioners in 2009 to deliver the proven benefits of mindfulness to children aged 7-18 year old in the classroom. MiSP now has charity status and works very closely with the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre to research the effects of mindfulness on student and teacher wellbeing. .b (dot b) is the original curriculum taught to students age 11 to 18 years old. Paws b is a similar programme but adapted to be suitable for students 7-11 years old. Studies have shown lower stress, greater wellbeing and fewer depressive symptoms in students who have been taught .b or Paws b. A larger study through Oxford University is currently underway to study the long term impact of mindfulness teaching in childhood called the MYRIAD study.  Simply Mindfulness has teachers trained to deliver both the .b and Paws b curriculums in schools.

Mindfulness in schools also supports the well-being of teachers through mindfulness training.  Studies have shown teachers who learn mindfulness have a reduction in stress, better mental health and well-being, better physical health, increased cognitive performance and enhanced job performance.

Simply Mindfulness can support schools in a variety of ways depending on your needs.  Options include:

Mindfulness Workshops for staff, students and/or parents  (£75)

8-Week Mindfulness Course for staff  (£800 for 8 x 90 minute sessions and a staff introduction session)

Paws.b and .b courses delivered by a qualified teacher (.b course £750 for 9 one hour sessions; Paws.b £300 for 6 one hour sessions)

Mindfulness school clubs

Please contact us if  you would like more information about how to bring mindfulness into your school.

What teachers say:

“I can predict that in a busy school and with the fast-paced life I lead that I will need to use a mindfulness practice either in the future or regularly.  Debbie has been informative, knowledgeable, positive and approachable throughout and I will miss not having our weekly sessions!  Thank you!”  

“It’s made me take a good look at the way I live and act.  Through this I plan on continuing with guided mindfulness and to roll this out to my pupils in form period.”  

What 6-9 year olds say when asked “When will you use mindfulness?”:

“When I’m angry.”

“To help me get to sleep.”

“When I wake up to help me have a calm day.”

“After a busy day and I still have lots of homework.”

“To help me persevere.”

What teenagers say:

“It has been really helpful in making me be able to see when I am stressed; being easily angered; or am being annoying to other people.  This means I can stop this and it has improved relationships with people.” (age 16)

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