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Our clients give feedback to what Mindfulness has done for them

At the end of the 8 Week Mindfulness Course we ask each person to reflect on what mindfulness has given them.

Some prefer to keep their comments private but many give permission to share their comments anonymously to help others understand the experience of learning mindfulness. Here is a selection of those comments.

Less Stressed

It has really given me the knowledge and understanding of how to manage my own feelings, situations and communication with others. Previously I have sometimes felt that I could not control these!  I’m much less stressed and worried!  Thank you so much!

Putting things into perspective

I have a long history of overthinking, automatic pilot, anxiety and depression. This has helped me take time to stop and put things in perspective. I now have a routine which helps enormously with work and relationship perspectives. I still need a lot of practise but it has already changed my life. I had no idea I could focus my thoughts and mind that way.

Opened my mind

I was, and sometimes still do, struggle with my son. This course has opened my mind from trying to change our relationship to changing the way I manage myself, from depletion to nourishment, to ‘being’ instead of ‘striving’ Being kind to myself when I do not manage the situation. Practise is crucial as I can reflect on good weeks and bad weeks and the amount of mindful work I have put in. I need to improve my routines but I have the tools to manage this.

Calmer and happier

Having been a bit sceptical about the whole idea of mindfulness, thinking it was something airy-fairy and hippyish, I have had my opinion completely changed since taking the 8 week course. I now actually think everyone should do the course whether they are young, old, stressed or content with their lot. It’s helped me understand how my mind works and how I can have more control, be more ‘mindful’ in effect, over my mind and my approach to life itself. It’s left me calmer, happier and better equipped to handle everything that life throws at you.

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