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It’s time for some Mindful Magic – Bring on the children and babies!

The 8-Week Mindfulness Courses for adults started last week with a bang.  There are two classes full of people brimming enthusiasm to learn mindfulness skills for life.  The new studio has been a hit.  It’s warm, cosy and seems to create an atmosphere of ease and companionship.  The new  Mindful Hour Classes have welcomed people new to mindfulness trying it out for the first time and people with more experience looking to kickstart their practise.  Everyone is welcome to the Mindful Hour, the first class is free, just let me know if you would like to come along.

This week it’s all about the children.  On Thursday, a few mindful parents will be joining me with their 6-9 year olds for a 6-week Mindful Kids course.  We start with music and games and slowly wind down to stretches and breathing.  We’ll learn a little bit about how the brain works and especially about how we can train it.  Hats off to these families for learning wellbeing together and doing their best to equip their families with the skills to thrive.

On Friday I’m off to Rowan House to run a Mindful Motherhood Workshop with 15 mums and babies (and one toddler).  We will have 2 hours of Mindfulness that, with a little creativity, can be woven into life with a baby (and toddler).  Parental wellbeing is essential to the healthy emotional development of a child.  There’s no better time to start.

So I’m expecting a little mindful magic over the coming days.  I hope a little mindful magic comes your way too.

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