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Results are in – Online Mindfulness is a hit

I admit, I was sceptical.  I love teaching in-person courses and getting to know everyone. But with lockdown, the choice was made for me, and online I went.  The intention was to allow anyone who wanted to learn to join in, make it accessible for key workers and carers with recordings, and just have a go with an open heart and an open mind.  After feeling slightly overwhelmed after 140 people signed up, the format for a large group was set and off we went.  From the outset, I was touched by the personal stories people were e-mailing me with and hugely grateful for the willingness of people to engage through chat in our Zoom sessions.  This made the course come alive for me, and although I never saw anyone’s face or heard their voice, I still felt a connection grow.  There will be changes to the next online course in September, such as much smaller groups and opportunities for everyone to speak, but the take home message is, online mindfulness is here to stay (in addition to the in-person classes when they can finally happen!).   And with 100% of the feedback saying the course was helpful, it’s safe to say the participants found online worked for them too.  Here is what they say:

“I enjoyed everything about the course and find it hard to pick a most helpful aspect.  The sessions were interesting, engaging and very well delivered”

“Debbie is really good at explaining the concepts and it’s been lovely to have her take us, as a group, through a meditation.  I really enjoyed the group support too at this time when we are all so disconnected.  To have this once a week has been really invaluable to connect with people.  Debbie’s sense of fun really helps enliven things.  It has been so easy to engage with, considering that it’s been in the evening and I get tired usually!”

“It was really informative, supportive and friendly!”

“Debbie was genuinely amazing, helpful, fun and relaxed in her approach…could listen to that voice all day.  The whole course was well worth the effort…thank you.”

“I think the course worked well via Zoom, in that format.  The course has provided me with so much and I feel has already made a positive difference to my daily life and outlook.”

“This course was recommended to me.  I felt it was something I needed to explore sooner rather than later.  It has been so extremely helpful after finding myself in an anxious, over active mind, making myself have a lot of symptoms of panic attacks which made me feel I wasn’t myself anymore.  I soon understood why this was happening while attending the course and the course has given me the balance for taking care of myself and giving me my confidence back.  So far no more feelings of anxiety, it has become a faded shadow.”

“I’ve very much enjoyed this course.  Every day now I slowly check in with myself.  May it be a Mindful walk, Mindful Breathing, Body Scan, or a Mindful cup of tea, while stitching.  My creative days have returned with learning about allowing and letting be.  Most importantly this course has given me a lifeboat for the future that I always know now is there if needed in moments of life’s small or larger storms.  Thank you Debbie for the warm welcome from lesson one to lesson eight.  You are a wonderful teacher.  I hope to do more in the future.”

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